Endowment gifts and bequests

Thank you to the following donors who have generously included the Kennedy Center, National Symphony Orchestra, and Washington National Opera in their estate planning.

Distinguished Benefactor of the Performing Arts

ݮƵѰapp extends its deepest appreciation to those donors who have made gifts of $1,000,000 and above. 

Carolyn E. Agger † and Abe Fortas †
The Annenberg Foundation
Stuart and Wilma Bernstein
The Eugene B. Casey Foundation
Melvin † and Ryna Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald I. Dozoretz
The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
The Honorable † and Mrs. Melvyn J. Estrin
Kathrine Folger †, Lee and Juliet Folger, The Folger Fund
Freed Foundation
Bernard and Sarah Gewirz
Joseph † and Alma Gildenhorn and Family
Marion F. Goldin †
Mrs. Katharine Graham †
Sidney and Jane Harman
Ms. Holidae Hayes
The Hechinger Foundation
Richard A. Herman †
The HRH Foundation
Maria L. Iturbide †
The Japan Foundation
James A. Johnson † and Maxine Isaacs
Barbara and Jack † Kay
Mrs. Margot Kelly †
William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust
The Kennedy Family
The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation
James V. Kimsey †
The Kiplinger Foundation
Mr. † and Mrs. † David Lloyd Kreeger
Mars Family and The Mars Foundation
Gilbert † and Jaylee † Mead
National Endowment for the Arts
Gerson Nordlinger, Jr. †
Mary and Mandell† Ourisman
Cissy Patterson Trust
Helen W. Paulson †
Mr. † and Mrs. Frank H. Pearl
Mrs. Charles Emory Phillips †
The Charlotte M. Sandy Trust
Roger and Victoria Sant Trust
Mrs. Bernice Silverman †
The Honorable † and Mrs. † Leonard L. Silverstein
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Small
Estelle Smucker †
The Hon. Roger L. Stevens †
Dr. † and Mrs. Kenji Tanaka
Ms. Makiko Tanaka and Mr. Takeshi Ueshima
Clifford D. Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Walgreen, III
Mrs. Beatrice Wilkinson Welters and Mr. Anthony Welters and the An-Bryce Foundation
Tom and Carol Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wolfensohn † 

Benefactor of the Performing Arts

ݮƵѰapp extends its appreciation to those donors who have made gifts of $500,000 or more.

Joseph Antonucci †
Diane and Norman Bernstein
Peter Brickfield † and Mary Ann Brickfield †
A. James and Alice B. Clark †
Mrs. Kathleen G. Cooper
Mike and Kathy Dougherty
Shirley H. Feld †
Estate of Harriet L. Freeman
Mary O’Brien Gibson †
Paul Stephen Lim
Cecil S. Richardson
Rosewood Hotels/Crescent Endowment Fund
Elizabeth Sauer †
Mrs. Henry Strong †
Volunteer Council for the National Symphony Orchestra Edie † and Lew † Wasserman
Mary C. Weygandt †

Guarantor of the Performing Arts

ݮƵѰapp extends its appreciation to those donors who have made gifts of $250,000 or more.

The Markow Totevy Foundation
AlliedSignal Inc.
The Alvord Foundation
Dr. Joseph R. Applegate †
Alan Avrutis †
Maxine Bishop Trust
Ms. Rose J. Bratton †
The William N. Cafritz Jazz Initiative
Leah † and Alexander † Chase
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P. Davidson
Priscilla E. Dever Trust
Amil W. Jackowski † and Raymond P. Donovan †
The Honorable Kenneth M. Duberstein †
Ingeborg Sue Galvin †
Janice Wassermen Goldsten † and the George Wasserman Foundation
The Hon. † and Mrs. Hadlai A. Hull
Dr. Sigmund J. Jacobs †
Bette G. Kenney †
The Hon. Robert E. Lee † and Mrs. Rose Benté Lee
Avril J. and John D. Monnett †
Vincent † and Jean Oliver
James and Theodore Pedas
Dr. Frederick W. Plugge, IV †
His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said
Ambassador Nancy Rubin and Miles Rubin
Mrs. Martha S. Sagon †
Mr. Michael V. Schultz
Arnold † and Marie Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Smith, Jr.
Mr. † and Mrs. Lloyd Symington
Hattie M. Strong Foundation
John C. Whitehead †
Mrs. Frances H. Wynne †
Otto A. Zipf

Pacesetter of the Performing Arts

ݮƵѰapp extends its appreciation to those donors who have made gifts of $100,000 or more.

Mrs. Byrle M. Abbin
Robert B. Barnett and Rita Braver
J. Coleman Bean † & Lois Mahoney Bean †
Bender Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Beveridge III †
The William Bingham Foundation
Mr. † and Mrs. † Donald Borrmann
Mr. Randall Brooks †
Sidney J. Brown †
Manny † and Ruthy † Cohen
Mrs. Raymond E. Cox †
Dorothea Lane Cutts Trust
Miss Dorothy L. Downing †
Joanna and John Driggs
The Honorable † and Mrs. Robert W. Duemling
Mr. and Mrs. † Frank M. Ewing
Mr. † and Mrs. Sheldon W. Fantle
Vic † & Judy † Fazio
Kenneth and Bonnie Feld
Donald Flanders †
Ms. Bonnie Foster †
The Galena-Yorktown Foundation
Melvin and Estelle Gelman Foundation
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Sylvia and Harold Greenberg
Dr. Ralph Greenhouse †
Mr. † and Mrs. Herbert H. Haft and Family
H.J. Heinz II Charitable and Family Trust
David and Suzanne Hillman
Helen Jackson and Joseph Sassoon
Aita Jogi †
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.
Mr. † and Mrs. Earle M. Jorgensen
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Kaplan and Ms. Joan Kaplan Gindes
Norma and Jimmie † Kline
Jerry Knoll †
Alex Paul Kotarides and Stephen George Yeonas
Samuel and Susan Lehrman and The Jacob and Charlotte Lehrman Foundation
Thelma Z. and Melvin Lenkin
Annette and Theodore Lerner
Mr. Herbert Lindow †
Janie and Cappy McGarr
William M. Moore, Jr. †
Eileen O’Brien †
Lila Q. Perkins †
Suzy Platt †
Dolores † and Sydney M. Polakoff
The Rales Family
Henry S. and Anne S. Reich Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rosenthal
Louise M. Rovner †
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Rubin
Julia F. Saltz Endowment for New Initiatives
Mr. and Mrs. B. Francis Saul, II
Virginia R. Sayre †
Martin and Marjorie Schwartzberg
Paul and Deane Shatz
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Slavin
Charles and Rhoda Steiner
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Stempler
Rene G. Varlay †
Eva Vida †
Mr. and Mrs. Mallory Walker
Marianne P. Walther †
Marvin F. Weissberg

Fellow of the Performing Arts

ݮƵѰapp extends its appreciation to those donors who have made gifts of $50,000 or more.

Gordon Avery †
Estelle and Bernard Bechhoefer Trust
James H. Berkson †
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Brown
Bernard J. Cutler † and Carol R. Cutler †
Evelyn Y. Davis †
L. William Derrow †
Charlotte Gusse Frank †
James Leavengood †
Sally D. Liff †
Helen B. May † and Donald C. May, Jr. †
Mr. Mark Macklow †
Billie J. Manring †
Louis † & Carol Monchick †
In memory of Mary and Francis H. Rasmus Sr.
Richard W. Redick †
Sue A. Rotharmel †
Mrs. Stanley J. Sarnoff
Mr. C. Patrick Thorne †
Mrs. Nell V. Weidenhammer †
Wesley & Nina Weissberg

Friend of the Performing Arts

ݮƵѰapp extends its appreciation to those donors who have made gifts up to $50,000.

Lucille Accetta
Mandee Adler
Mr. Stanley J. Asrael
Mrs. Susan Kent Avjian
Perry C. Ausbrook †
Carol Ann Babcock
Mary Evelyn Bane †
Marcella Barnhart †
Lucile Beaver †
Ms. Judy R. Begal
Alice Bell
Donovan R. Benson †
Colleen Bolton
Keith Brill
Ms. Brenda Brody
Sukari Brown
Ms. Ginette C. Colot
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Cook
Ms. Pauline Cooper
Robert D. Davis, Jr. † and Henry J. Schalizki †
Mr. David A. Deckelbaum
Mary Denison
Mr. Ralph Dimmick †
Jane L. Donaghy
Ms. Elizabeth Blake Downey †
Margo Drucker
Dr. Jack and Viviane Durrell Charitable Trust †
Peter Ehrenhaft †
Betty M. Evans †
Mr. Raymond Ewing and Ms. Penelope Yungblut
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Margaret Farr †
Ms. Grace C. Ferrill †
David Fitzmaurice
K.W. Fletcher
Craig Frankel
Dianne L. Galloway †
Eric Giesy
Robert D. Greenberg
Dini and Michael Golden
Mr. David Goldstein
Betty L. Hampton
Susan Henderson
Lawrence and Béatrice Herman
Ms. Jane Herwig
Martin and Gill Heyert †
Mr. William L. Hopkins †
Maria L. Iturbide †
Susan Jackson
Mrs. Mary Jaffe
Heather Muir Johnson
Kay Jones
Maria Jovanovic
Ms. Judith Kane
Michael Kahn
Susan and Steve Kaufman
Frederick Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Klein
Dr. Mark Kelly and Ms. Jennifer Renner
Ms. Aviva Kempner
Marion Kennedy
The Kerr Foundation Inc.
Ms. Duane M. Kidwell
Susan Korsower †
S. Victoria Krusiewski †
Ms. Linda A. Lafferty
Marilyn and William Lane
Harold Lesher †
Leonard Levie
Mr. James Lewis
Nancy Lippman
Marian Mlay †
Heather McCarthy
Ms. Ellen V. McCauley †
Mary Lou McGee
Ms. Susan A. McGrath
Lawrence and Suzanne Merighi
E. Eugene Miller †
Sorab K. Modi †
John Herron More †
Elizabeth (Betty) Mosher †
Laura Napier
Mrs. Gloria Natiello
Newman’s Own Foundation
Phu Nguyen
Mr. Anthony J. Oscilowski
Frederic Paperth
Jennifer Persechino
Ms. Marianne R. Phelps †
Rachel Kregal Phillips
Dina Pruzansky and Mike Herman
Bernadette Reidy
Dan Richter
Mary Riggin
Ms. Rosalind Rosenberg
Sandy Saintonge
Ms. Cathy D. Sanders
Paul & Debbie Sandock
Jennifer Scala
Eugene & Patricia Scalia
David Schalop
Mr. and Mrs. Calvert Simmons
Debra S. Simon
Patricia Snowden †
Ms. Lisa Sorkin
Gregory Spencer
Dr. Linda K. Stillman and Dr. Robert Stillman
Mrs. Marilyn W. Taylor
Ms. Alison G. Tennyson †
Ellen M. Thompson
Mildreth C. Thorberg †
Maj. Fran Towson, USA †
Warren W. Unna †
Col. Caroline E. Van Mason †
Paul & Sharyn Viel
Kathryn A. Walter †
Dorothy Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weinreb
Elizabeth A. White †
Nancy H. Wiecking †
Freida Williams-Chapman
Dr. Muriel D. Wolf, MD
Ms. Joanne Woytek
The Wunder Family Charitable Foundation

Legacy Societies